Wednesday, November 13, 2013

November 13, 2013   

Today's Photograph . . . . Don't Fall For Worthless Bait (MQ)
Bible Study Verse
Job 15:31
Let him not deceive himself by trusting what is worthless, for he will get nothing in return. (NIV)
I was surf fishing a couple of weeks ago when a fleet of shrimp boats came in to fish just on the other side of the beach sandbar. I had never seen the boats come in that close, less than a hundred yards from the beach, almost within casting distance, and they must have really been hauling in the shrimp. Wave after wave of boats came through, dragging their nets on the bottom, and hauling those tasty prawns onto their decks.

Once the waters were stirred up and the shrimp were on the move, the fishing seemed to pick up a bit. It appeared that the fish couldn't tell the difference between the shrimp that were swimming for their lives and the one that was dangling from my hook.
(George B)

Action Point
If you think about it, fishing is all about deception. When we fish, we try to trick the fish into biting our bait or lure in the hope that we can catch a trophy. It is great for us when we land that trophy; but from the fish's perspective, it's definitely not so great. He thought he was getting a meal. Instead, he became a meal.

How often are we deceived in our lives by trusting the worthless bait of the world? How often do we try to reach and take hold of what is worthless, material things, when all the while the truly valuable things of God are already available for us? 
Do not be deceived. Don't fall for worthless bait. Before you even realize it's happening, you may find yourself hooked and trapped in sin.

Sportsmen's Tip of the Day 
Fresh shrimp is usually the bait of choice when surf fishing. Fresh shrimp will almost always guarantee a bite and some action. Don't buy your shrimp at a tackle shop. Most of those are a bit old, and usually are or have been frozen. This makes them mushy and loose on the hook. Instead, buy fresh shrimp from a seafood shop or shack near the beach. You'll pay a couple of extra dollars per pound, but the better bite will make it worth the investment.