Thursday, October 31, 2013

October 31, 2013  

Today's Photograph . . . . Fall Colors (Janet B)
Bible Study Verses
Deuteronomy 18:10-14
There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, or one who practices witchcraft, or a soothsayer, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, or one who conjures spells, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead. For all who do these things are an abomination to the Lord, and because of these abominations the Lord your God drives them out from before you. You shall be blameless before the Lord your God. For these nations which you will dispossess listened to soothsayers and diviners; but as for you, the Lord your God has not appointed such for you. (NKJV)

Years ago many a deer hunt was right before Halloween.  As a kid couldn't be at two places at one time, so I went hunting.

One Halloween we were butchering 3 deer in one evening. Unfortunately we ran out of butcher paper, so I ran to pick more up at the store.  The other two men couldn't keep butchering and answer the door to pass out candy so they ended visitation.  They place a deer head with its horns sawed off at the end of the driveway until I found it in my returning headlights.

As I removed the scary creature to oblivion I promised myself that we'd never butcher another deer on Halloween with the butcher boys again. It worked as a fright, not one child or teenager came up to the porch after that display. It's unsettling to think what the neighbors might have thought or the nightmares created.
(Jo Q)

Action Point
Just as the butcher boys made a poor choice on deflecting visitation, it brings to mind the verse that says, "Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea," Matthew 18:6 (NKJV).  Hopefully they didn't cause a frightened little one to sin.  But how many of our poor choices caused another to stumble? 
The above scripture is pretty clear on what any of us should not be doing within the spiritual realm. Notice "one who practices witchcraft" has no exceptions for white, black, or Wicca. We're to walk in HIS light and with our faith in JESUS CHRIST not by what today's horoscope reflects.

The final tests are to take every thought captive to Christ and line up every question to GOD's Living Holy WORD. We become free in CHRIST when we bow at HIS throne and humbly ask for HIS forgiveness no matter what has been in the past!!!

Sportsmen's Tip of the Day
By cutting up our own deer, we diligently removed all fat before packaging. The strong gamey taste was removed with the fat. Many a chuckle was created when friends enjoyed the steak that couldn't have been wild game meat.


October 30, 2013   

Today's Photograph . . . . Lifting Up Of The Thunderhead Builds Power  (Fred B) 
Bible Study Verse
Psalm 68:32-34
Sing to God, you kingdoms of the Earth; oh, sing praises to the Lord, Selah. To Him who rides on the Heaven of heavens, which were of old! Indeed, He sends out His voice, a mighty voice. Ascribe strength to God; His excellence is over Israel, and His strength is in the clouds. (NKJV)
Somehow, I think that David the shepherd penned the words of Psalm 68, as he watched powerful clouds in the skies over the Judean wilderness. He imagines the Messiah "who rides on the heaven of heavens," whose "strength is in the clouds." The future king of Israel even describes the thunder as "His voice, a mighty voice."
Meteorologists tell us that the power of a thunderstorm is directly proportional to the altitude of the clouds. The higher the clouds rise up, the more power is built up inside the storm. Lifting up yields storm power. Cloud formations like the one pictured above, over Siesta Key, FL, are called thunderheads.
In the same way, the more that the Word of God is lifted up in our hearts and lives, the more power God exercises over us. He is strong in us, when His Word is strong in us.
(Fred B)

Action Point
God's power and the power of His Word are intrinsic, built into His very nature. Because He is in me, His power is available to me. That strength in me is released, unleashed by Him, when I submit to and obey my Master's Words. There are amazing results:
  • As I lift Him up in my words and actions, the Holy Spirit glorifies the Son in me.  "He will glorify me, for He will take of what is Mine and declare it to you," John 16:14 (NKJV).
  • I realize the truth of John the Baptist's words, "He must increase, but I must decrease," John 3:30 (NKJV).
Then, when we humble ourselves, and lift Him up, others will be drawn to Him.

Sportsmen's Tip of The Day
As you hunt, fish or hike, watch the clouds to keep yourself safe from dangerous incoming weather--thunderstorms, lightening, heavy flat-line winds. Also, as you plan your hunts, remember that game activity (feeding and other travel-movement) is usually heavy before and after the front moves through. For making fishing plans, watch for rising or lowering barometric pressures, which will definitely affect your catch.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October 29, 2013   

Today's Photograph . . . . Had Failed To Show During Hunting Season  (MQ)
Bible Study Verse
James 1:4
But endurance must do its complete work, so that you may be mature and complete, lacking nothing. (HCSB)
I had scouted the area regularly for javelina and had routinely seen a herd in the bottom of the valley. I knew that there were eight of them. I knew where they bedded down, where they watered, and even paid attention to what they were eating. 
Once the season started, I sat on the mountain side for five days, waiting. Of course I did other things, too--named the clouds, reorganized my back pack, prayed, napped, read, quail called, drew in the dirt. Well, you get the idea: the javelina that had so readily been there during my scouting trips had failed to show during hunting season. 
(Brett M)

Action Point
God desires to build patience in us. He wants us to be "mature and complete." As this verse indicates, we are neither mature or complete if we are impatient. 
This patience is two-fold: 
  • He wants us to be patient with Him while praying, reading His Word and allowing Him to guide and mold our lives. 
  • He wants us to be patient with each other -- with our spouse, our children, our boss, and even that misguided seventeen-year-old NASCAR driver on his way to work at the local burger barn who just cut you off in traffic. 
Remember: He is in the seat next to you, pleased with your patience and smiling at you, just as He was sitting on the side of the mountain with me.

Sportsmen's Tip of the Day
Javelina are some of the easiest and most difficult animals to hunt--difficult sometimes to locate due to their size, ability to blend in and relatively large home ranges. However, when you locate them, they can be easy to stalk because of their poor eyesight. Approach slowly and downwind; watch out for other javelina in the area who may sense you.

Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28, 2013   

Today's Photograph . . . .  It's A Gift They Will Never Forget  (MQ) 
Bible Study Verse
Ephesians 2:8-9
For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith-and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God - not by works, so that no one can boast. (NIV)
Gifts come in many forms: 
  • The gift of sight, to see the mountains and animals. 
  • The gift of hearing, to hear a bull elk bugle or a goose calling. 
  • The gift of the deer I killed that happened to be where I could see it. 
So what is the gift from God? 
A. Grace. 

B. Salvation. 
C. Faith. 
D.  All of the above. 

You answer, "D". Yep, you got it. As the verse reads, the emphasis of the gift focuses on grace and faith. Romans 10:17 says that faith comes from hearing, and hearing from the word of God, the Bible. Therefore, by applying this principle, God gives us the faith to believe in Jesus; therefore, God gives us salvation from our sins; and, therefore, salvation is ours because of God's gift of grace. 

The overriding principle here is that all three are gifts from God. God gave us the mountains, the rivers, the sea, the sky, and the animals that we enjoy. We didn't create them. Similarly, we can't "create" or earn our salvation. It comes from God and God alone. By the way, I've often heard grace defined as "God's riches at Christ's expense." Good definition; but I believe one word should be changed and that the phrase should read, "God's redemption at Christ's expense." Either way, I want it! 
(Cliff S)

Action Point
Unwrap God's presents to you today: faith, salvation, and grace. Accept that they are gifts, and that there is no repayment necessary; just believe in Christ and be saved.

Sportsmen's Tip of the Day
Give a gift to your children or grand children that they can't have any other way--the gift of your time in the outdoors. It's a gift they will never forget! 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

October 28, 2013   

Today's Photograph . . . . Deliver Us From Evil. Always Assume A Black Bear Is Dangerous.   (FWS)
Bible Study Verse
I Peter 5:8
Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. (NIV)
While I was hunting deer recently, a large black bear approached me. When he was still about 40 yds away, I leaned my muzzleloader against a tree and dug my camera out of my pack. 
When about 12 ft. from me, he began to circle, getting inside of 8 ft. At that point, I realized that I had moved several steps away from my gun. If he had wanted to attack, I would have been in trouble. I tried to scare him off, but he wasn't about to leave. Throwing sticks at him, shouting, suddenly raising my arms and trying to look as large and as intimidating as possible seemed to make him more interested. 
He studied me for almost five minutes. He had no fear; and I'm sure I could have moved closer--even close enough to touch him. Bear experts say that when a black bear attacks, it will approach very methodically, as if to size you up. In this case, he finally turned and walked slowly away.  (Steve S)

Action Point
When Satan approaches a believer, he is more dangerous than a black bear. He is looking for an opportunity to attack. He may circle or hang around for as long as he can. Keep your weapon handy; it's your best defense! The Word of God is more powerful than a two-edged sword. "For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart," Hebrews 4:12 (NIV). 

Interacting with evil is foolish and risky. Nothing good can come of it. Keep from evil by continually staying in touch with the Lord. Keep Him daily in your mind and heart; and keep His Word on your lips. The prayer that He taught His disciples says, "Deliver us from evil." So ask for His power to help you live in a way that pleases Him. It's your best protection against sin.

Sportsmen's Tip of the Day
Always assume a black bear is dangerous. In fact, any bear that is habituated to people is an especially dangerous bear. Don't feed a bear. Don't try to touch one. Back away slowly and place an obstacle--perhaps a tree or a vehicle--between you and the bear. If there are children present, stay between them and the bear. Never come between a mother bear and her cubs.

October 27, 2013   

Today's Photograph . . . . Your Spring Water Is For You And You Only  (MQ)
Bible Study Verses
Proverbs 5:15-16
Do you know the saying, "Drink from your own rain barrel, draw water from your own spring-fed well?" It's true. Otherwise, you may one day come home and find your barrel empty and your well polluted. (Message)
While my dad and I were exploring the mountains near my house recently, we came across an old abandoned homestead. In the mountains high above the homestead tucked behind an old walnut tree, we discovered a spring. 
The resident of the old homestead had obviously taken a great deal of time and energy to create a series of cisterns that captured the cool running water from the spring. The crystal clear water traveled down the mountain, through the cisterns and, I can only imagine, fed his home, orchards and livestock for many years. Although the homestead had fallen into quite advanced stages of disrepair, the spring-fed watering system appeared to have been built yesterday. 
(Brett M)

Action Point
Recently, I saw a segment on the morning news that identified a new, self-proclaimed, trend aptly named the "work spouse." The premise being that, due to the long hours spent every day at work and less time at home, many people are beginning to become very close to their working partners, team members, etc., who are often of the opposite sex. 
These relationships, although not sexually intimate, are becoming emotionally intimate. The sharing of thoughts, ideas and dreams once reserved for one's spouse are now shared with the "work spouse." 
I chuckled when I heard this and thought about how this "new trend" was around two-thousand years ago. King Solomon warned us, "Your spring water is for you and you only, not to be passed around among strangers,"  Proverbs 5:17 (Message).

Devote yourself to your spouse and your marriage to God. Let God provide your marriage with the fulfillment He meant for it to have. Just like the old homesteader, it takes time and energy to cultivate the springs.  But when completed, the harvest will last longer than the institution.

Sportsmen's Tip of the Day
Water in the wilderness can be dangerous. Remember: standing water is bad for drinking purposes. Running water is better and spring water is best. Ideally, any water should be treated with water purification tablets prior to consuming. 

October 25, 2013   

Today's Photograph . . . . Do You Know The Two-shot Method Of Sighting In Your Rifle  (MQ)
Bible Study Verse
Romans 15:14
I myself am convinced, my brothers and sisters, that you yourselves are full of goodness, filled with knowledge and competent to instruct one another. (NIV)
Ever been called on in class, at work, or among peers to step up and demonstrate a skill that others assume you know?

"Go ahead there, Ruben, and demonstrate to these young nimrods the two-shot method for sighting in a rifle." 

You stand there stammering a little, because you're supposed to know it. But, you're unsure of yourself. You can shoot pretty straight yourself, but you're not so sure you can explain to others exactly how it's done. 
(Ruben C)

Action Point
Competent biblical teaching is based on two things according to this scripture: 
  • Being filled with goodness. 
  • Complete in knowledge. 
We can't instruct, counsel or advise without a basic understanding of the biblical concepts involved in helping one another spiritually. This is why we must be thoroughly grounded in the Word!

Men, teaching others the important points of Christianity is certainly no less important than teaching them the finer points about outdoor sports.

:So Christ Himself gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers,  to equip His people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ," Ephesians 4:11-13 (NIV).

Making disciples is our job too, not just that of our pastors. Don't forget: Our time spent in worship and Sunday school is to glorify God first and foremost. But then, use what you've learned to do, as Jesus did as well--make disciples. This also glorifies our Father!
Sportsmen's Tip of the Day 
So . . . do you know the two-shot method of sighting in your rifle? Basically, you'll need a very solid rest/vise. Bore sight first, and then fire your first round at 25 yards. Realign your crosshairs with the bull's eye. Without moving your rifle (it doesn't work if it moves at this point), dial your scope knobs so the cross hairs line up with your last bullet hole + ½" elevation. Now fire your second round at 100 yards. All things being equal, it should generally impact about 3"- 4" high at 100 yards with most modern calibers. 
Truth be told, I've used this method over the years and can fine tune my rifle by the third round. It won't win you any medals at Camp Perry, but it does a good job on sighting in a hunting rifle. Now use the rest of your box of ammo for practice! 

October 24, 2013   

Today's Photograph . . . . Busy Schedules Will Often Interfere With Our Time With God And Our Families (Rebecca L))
Bible Study Verse
Job 37:5-8 
God's voice thunders in marvelous ways; He does great things beyond our understanding. He says to the snow, 'Fall on the earth,' and to the rain shower, 'Be a mighty downpour.' So that everyone He has made may know His work, He stops all people from their labor. The animals take cover; they remain in their dens. (NIV)
A couple of years ago in the middle of the elk and deer seasons in Wyoming, we were hit with a snowstorm that lasted four days. On the first day of the storm, we traveled in the dark to a grassy mountain meadow where the elk are known to feed. When it was legal shooting time, the visibility was very poor because of the fog and heavy snowfall. What few tracks we saw were from night-time travel. 
By 8:30 that morning, most of the tracks were not distinguishable. We checked some of the dense bedding areas, but there was no sign of elk anywhere. By the second day, travel was impossible, visibility extremely poor, and the elk were not moving. 
(Tom L)

Action Point
Busy schedules will often interfere with our time with God and our family. God has a way of curtailing our plans and keeping us inside to have that quality time. When the weather is so severe that it forces us to stay home, consider it a blessing from God to slow us down. Use the time to have fun with your family, and spend time alone with God in prayer and meditation.

Sportsmen's Tip of the Day
Before heading out to hunt in unfamiliar areas, study your maps, bring a compass and emergency pack; and use fluorescent tape to mark your trail 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October 22, 2013   

Today's Photograph . . . . So Even With A Good Set-up, You Have To Be Prepared To Reposition Yourself (ADFG.aLASKA.GOV)
Bible Study Verse
Luke 8:15
 But the seed in the good soil, these are the ones who have heard the word in an honest and good heart, and hold it fast, and bear fruit with perseverance. (NASB)
Luke 8:18
So take care how you listen; for whoever has, to him more shall be given; and whoever does not have, even what he thinks he has shall be taken away from him." (NASB) 
Have you ever noticed how important positioning is? For example: If you are going to set up a portable tree stand, it is important to be downwind from the trail over which you are hunting. You have to find the right tree that will give you stability as well as the right location. Mount the stand to the tree at just the right angle for you to shoot over your left or right shoulders. 
There are certainly no guarantees in hunting, so even with a good set-up, you have to be prepared to reposition yourself in the stand to get a good shot off. You don't want the "big one" standing in front of you and then discover that you didn't have the right angle. Too much movement to get into the right position to shoot will potentially ruin the hunt.
(Dave M)

Action Point
The Christian life is not always an easy one. I know it seems as though I have to keep on repositioning myself daily for God's service. It's not that I purposely try to put myself in the wrong position. It's just that I live in an imperfect world that bumps into me every day; and if I'm not careful to keep a short account with God, I will soon find myself totally out of position for His service. 
We need go to God, to seek Him, every day; and not count on what we've done the previous day or week. God can use us daily. But, we need to make sure our hearts are with Him today.

Sportsmen's Tip of the Day
In order to keep quiet on the stand, use fleece to keep you warm if you are in a colder environment. Fleece allows you to move freely without worrying about the clothing making a noise that might potentially scare animals away. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013   

Today's Photograph . . . . To Not Heed The Warning Signs Could Be Very Foolish And Even Deadly  (Tom H)
Bible Study Verse
Matthew 24:42
"Therefore be on the alert, for you do not know which day your Lord is coming." (NASB)
If you have ever hiked into the Grand Canyon, you may have seen the warning sign above that advises you not to try to hike in and out of the canyon on the same day. Many people have ignored that sign and paid a price for it. 
As I mentioned in a previous devotion, our family saw first-hand how unforgiving the canyon can be as a victim was flown out by way of a cargo net in a body bag. 
(Tom H)

Action Point
You have to be almost blind not to see the daily warning signs in the news that some major event is about to happen. I am not going to predict anything; but I know that this is a very good time to draw close to the Lord. To not heed the warning signs could be very foolish and even deadly!

Sportsmen's Tip of the Day
I have a large zip-lock bag in my closet ready to go anytime we want to take a hike or spur-of-the-moment trip into the wilderness. It has basic survival tools that don't add much weight, but can be lifesavers, should something unforeseen happen.

October 20, 2013   

Today's Photograph . . . . Opening Day Is imminent Be Ready  (MQ)
Bible Study Verse
Mark 14:62 
Jesus said, "I Am. And you will see the Son of Man seated in the place of power at God's right hand and coming on the clouds of Heaven."  (NLT)
Opening day! We all wait with great anticipation and excitement. Most of us get little, if any, sleep the night before. Thoughts are focused on what may happen tomorrow. Memories of past successes and wonderful possibilities blot out any thought of problems. Equipment is reviewed, cleaned, tuned up, and packed up. Final preparations keep us busy as the clock slowly moves ahead. Even the weather rarely keeps us from THIS special day. These new seasons are quickly approaching with all their promise and pleasure. I hope your opening days are special! 
(Jack M)

Action Point
Jesus' Opening Day is quickly approaching. It will be a day of wonder for some, bewilderment for others. It is the beginning of some amazing times upon the earth. Opinions of when and how vary, but the fact of His soon coming is to be anticipated with more joy than the opening of any hunting season. Live prepared, clean, and excited at the prospect of His impending return.

This promise of His Opening Day has a context. Jesus had been challenged as to His identity. Was He the Son of Man, a title reserved for the Messiah? His response is to say that He will personally fulfill the unmistakable event promised by God in Daniel 7:13. This would confirm His identity as the Son of God and the Son of Man. 
Are you ready for His return? Have you prepared by placing your trust in Christ, receiving His forgiveness for your sin and being welcomed as a child into God's family? If not, do so now. Are you living with Him? Are you living for Him? His Opening Day is imminent. Be ready!!

Sportsmen's Tip of the Day
Don't wait till the last minute to prepare for Opening Day. Make sure your equipment is clean, ready, repaired, and properly functioning. Spend time in practice so you are proficient. Exercise your body by appropriate conditioning for your age and anticipated activity. Be ready for the Opening Day. 

October 19, 2013   

Today's Photograph . . . . I Can Always Tell When My Focus Drifts From God  (Jimmy S)
Bible Study Verse
John 15:1-4
"I am the true Vine, and my Father is the Gardener.  He cuts off every branch in Me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit He prunes so that it will be even more fruitful. You are already clean because of the word I have spoken to you.  Remain in Me, as I also remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in Me. (NIV)
As I re-read this verse I have to admit that there are things in my life, branches, that need pruning. They bear no fruit. So I ask myself and maybe you should too: 
  • How is my tree doing? 
  • How can I be more fruitful? 
  • How can I be more of a benefit to God, to others and myself? 
Just sit back for a moment think about that. I can tell you I have several branches that are bearing no fruit. I think it's time to start pruning. Not sure where to start, ask God, the master Gardner!
(Jim C)

Action Point
I can always tell when my focus drifts from God. My life becomes cluttered, distracted and there is never enough time for anything.
Time to reorganize and re-evaluate. I have to do this from time to time. Why? As a human it's in my nature to be selfish. I sin! 
"God, please give me the strength and the resolve, to sit, relax and re focus on you. I'm on the path, I just can't see it clearly. I ask that you make my vision clear, straighten that path that leads to you. In your Son's name I pray . . . Amen."
Sportsmen's Tip of the Day
With another fishing season on the books, make sure you break down your equipment, strip off old line, check guides for cracks, loosen the drag on reels and store them away in a safe place. Next season, they will be ready to go, and so will you!  

Saturday, October 19, 2013

October 18, 2013   

Today's Photograph . . . . Teach A Youth how To Fish And Hunt  (MQ)
Bible Study Verse
John 14:1
"Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe also in Me." (NIV)

Never has anyone affected the world like Jesus did. In the span of things He was here a very short time. Yet thousands of years later, people are still coming to know HIM. 
The verse above is so simple, effective and from my personal experience never and I mean NEVER let me down. Like all of you, I have had my own demons to deal with and when I had enough, when there was nothing left that I could do, and when I was tired of trying on my own, who was there for me? Yeah, you know the answer. I could have saved myself a lot of pain and anguish if I had just asked God sooner. Let God . . . and He will!
(Jim C)

Action Point
So you have this big problem, it won't go away, it keeps rearing its ugly head. Satan taunts you will your own weakness. 
You can fight back, you can win. There are rules of engagement. They are simple, humbling, and easy to understand. They get consistent results. The Bible has all you need to not only survive, but win. Jesus laid the foundation in that book, now go find relief from your pain!

Sportsmen's Tip of the Day
There is nothing like taking a child hunting and or fishing. In these times teach a young adult how to fish and hunt.  Teach them they can rely on themselves and what God has provided for them.

October 17, 2013   

Today's Photograph . . . . When You Are Drifting You Will Become A Slave To The Current And Winds Of The World  (Janet B)
Bible Study Verses
Hebrews 6:19-20
We have this as a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul, a hope that enters into the inner place behind the curtain, where Jesus has gone as a forerunner on our behalf, having become a high priest for ever after the order of Melchizedek. (ESV)
I was recently blessed with the ability to take my family on a week-long vacation to the Outer Banks. Our house was located on Pamlico Sound with a dock and access to the sound. 
The sound is pretty shallow with channels running through it. We were told by the locals our best chances at catching fish were in these deeper channels. We ended up drift fishing with kayaks and were blessed with some nice fish. 
(Terry L)

Action Point
Drift fishing the channels were relaxing and fun, but there were draw backs. One drawback is when you found a productive spot you only had a few chances to fish it before you floated by. Another was you had to go where the current took you. One time I had a nice sea trout on and wasn't paying attention and I ran into a dock.

One of the earliest Christian symbols was an anchor and when you think about it, it is a very appropriate symbol for Jesus. His love and teachings is our Anchor for life. 
Drifting through life can be a dangerous thing. When you are drifting you will become a slave to the current and winds of the world. We as people need something to hold onto when the storms come and trust me they will come.

Sportsmen's Tip of the Day
When in a new area fishing or hunting talk to some of the locals you might be surprised what you can learn. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

October 16, 2013   

Today's Photograph . . . . Make Sure That You Invest Today And Every Day In The Things That Really Matter To Christ   (MQ) 
Bible Study Verse
Ecclesiastes 3:20
All go to the same place; all come from dust, and to dust all return. (NIV)
Do you have someone you love listening to when it comes to telling about an outdoor adventure? Well, this past week I had the privilege of seeing two family patriarchs laid to rest - my wife's grandpa and a very good friend from work. Both of these men lived for Christ and dedicated their lives to making a difference for their savior.
I loved listening to my wife's grandpa tell his hunting stories. His eyes would light up when he started to share them, usually accompanied by a sheepish grin. As a young Christian and entering my wife's family through marriage, Grandpa became an important part of my own faith journey. As I was just getting grounded in the faith, we would have a family gathering - Thanksgiving, Christmas, or maybe the 4th of July. He was always there, and he was always quietly living out his faith. In his humble unassuming way, he was a steadying influence for all of us in the family. 
As his wife faced Alzheimer's, he visited her every day in the nursing home for over a year. Most days, she didn't know who he was, but it didn't stop him from loving her until she passed. After she passed on, he moved to northern Michigan to live in his cabin. He pressed on for ten more years - until the age of 93, finding ways to contribute to his local church, neighborhood, and our family. 
He encouraged me and helped build my own faith - just by watching the way he lived his life. He was a true Christian Patriarch for our family.
(Dave M)
Action Point
I recently read that you really will never know the quality of a person until their later years in life:
  • Why do the kids keep visiting? 
  • Why do the grandkids keep stopping by? 
  • Why are the neighbors always going over to that house for coffee? 
When you've spent your life investing well in the things of God, there will be fruit - but it may not be seen until many years have gone by. 
If you are like me and living a very busy life, just pause and take some time today to reflect on the quality of the life that you are living. Are you giving everything and every day to Christ? 

There's going to come a time, when you and I are no longer on this earth. We will be dust. Make sure that you invest today and every day in the things that really matter to Christ. 

I will miss Grandpa and my work buddy, but I know that they invested well and they are with Jesus today. I can only hope that one day, my life and the fruits of it will look like theirs.
Sportsmens Tip of the Day
If you have specific desires about passing on pieces of your outdoor legacy to your kids or grandkids, make sure to include specifically who the equipment is to be given to in your will.