Thursday, July 10, 2014

July 4, 2014   

Today's Photograph . . . . One Life Is So Precious and The Highest Price To Pay  (Mike E)

Happy 238th Birthday, America!  

Let us honor God and the Red, White, and Blue!
Bible Study Verse
Romans 12:10-11 
As to brotherly love, kindly affectioned towards one another: as to honour, each taking the lead in paying it to the other:  as to diligent zealousness, not slothful; in spirit fervent; serving the Lord. (Darby Translation)

Today is the day we Americans celebrate our costly freedom. Each and every family has lost precious family members who have fought, returned with physical and emotional scars or died for our heritage and our freedom. In honor I say "THANK YOU" to those who gave their lives, those who have served, and those who are serving in the United States armed forces. What an honor it is to be an American and to be blessed with our freedoms that are in jeopardy.

The privilege of hunting is one freedom that we never thought might be taken from us without our consent. It is a current threat here in America. In my family, we eat what we hunt. In these slim times, we thank God for the food and the health to seek it. The money we spend for a hunting license and the tag goes to wildlife conservation. Before this was in place, many a deer died from starvation from a severe winter and a lack of food. This is a cruel death.

Action Point
Many have given their lives to protect and to preserve our freedom. One life is so precious and the highest price to pay. Our military serve with the right spirit. Today take the lead by sincerely voicing appreciation, shaking hands, and saying "THANK YOU" to anyone who has served or are serving in the military.

Gather with friends and family and watch NRA's Life of Duty Defending Our America. There are 9 short episodes. We are not being told by the liberal media what is going on and why  the amount of crime that is increasing here in America. This should wake up those who are sleeping.

Remember, Jesus Christ paid the price for our eternal freedom with His life. Then in His infinite wisdom, He lives within our hearts and walks us through this life to Heaven. He will never leave you, forsake you, and has promised to always love you while meeting your every need. What an awesome win, win freedom. You have one requirement. You have to ask Him to forgive you for your sins and accept His free gift of salvation.

Sportsmen's Tip of the Day
As important as the role of the president is, it is not up to the president to make sure that we remain a "good" nation, a "Christian" nation. That task is up to us. We the people will determine what is "good". We are the ones who can call the nation to revival, to turn, and to be saved. We need to be sure that those who represent us represent our values (as well as our position on hunting and fishing). It' going to take everyone of us to pray, to fast, and to change this country's leadership back to those we can trust and follow.
(Dave H)