Saturday, October 8, 2011

October 8, 2011

Today's Photograph . . . . GOD is the GOD of the universe (MQ)
Bible Study Verses
Psalms 103:11-12
For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is His love for those who fear Him; as far as the East is from the West, so far has He removed our transgressions from us. (NIV)

In flying down to Arkansas recently for a quick trip from Michigan, I sat in my Northwest window seat taking in the panoramic view below. I don't fly much, so for me it was a treat to once again see the vastness of the land below. The earth was broken down into checkered squares everywhere I looked. The Great Lakes coast showed a clear separation of land and water. The Mississippi River snaked its' way back and forth from the North to the South. Quarries dotted the land at various points. It was enjoyable just watching the landscape change from state to state.

What hit me was simply how much land there was on this planet we call Earth. As far as the eye could see, there was land. And on that land, there were people living life - going about their business.
(Dave M)

Action Point
The God that we serve is huge beyond imagination! His power is endless! His love is endless! His grace is endless! Sometimes, we put GOD in a little box, and we forget that GOD is the GOD of the universe. He created this planet amongst others for His pleasure!!!

Although God loves you and does care about your community, don't forget that the same God loves the people in Australia, New Zealand, Africa, China, and Greenland just as much as he does you!!! He is beyond our comprehension and is truly worthy of our praise. We serve a BIG GOD!!!

Sportsmen's Tip of the Day
Remember that if you are flying to take a hunting/fishing trip that you will need to follow tighter flying regulations than in the past. Check ahead of time with the airlines about the best way to transport your supplies you will need to have on your adventure