Sunday, September 22, 2013

September 21, 2013   

Today's Photograph . . . . There I Sat In All My Young Hunting Glory Not Able To Raise A Gun, Much Less Shoot A Deer If I Saw One  (MQ) 
Bible Study Verse
Psalm 119:147
I rise before the dawning of the morning, I hope in Your word. And cry for help. (NKJV)

I was shivering. I mean it was extremely cold even for southwestern Virginia. I didn't know back then to put on heavy warm clothes after you get to your stand. I really didn't know that wool socks are always better than cotton. 

There I sat in all my young hunting glory not able to raise a gun, much less shoot a deer if I saw one. I was a wreck; I needed help. 

About the time I was ready to call it quits, the sun started breaking over the mountain. Here in this part of Virginia, it would be daylight for a while before you would see the sun. I was expectant, wondering if it would ever come up, and wishing it would hurry.
If you feel as if your days are flying by, and that time is just fleeting away, you haven't spent a cold morning in a tree stand or a duck blind. I can tell you from experience--time doesn't speed up. 

Every day is still 24 hours, the same as when God created this world. Our days are hurry- up, but not God's days. I stood there in that tree stand and tried to hurry the sunrise, wanting it to touch my face with its rays. I guess I thought if I helped it somehow, the sunrise would happen sooner--trying to hurry-up time. It didn't matter; the sun is on God's time, not mine. Eventually, it broke over the mountain that had attempted to keep it hidden. 
(Dennis W)
Action Point
Even in the cold of the morning, waiting for the warmth of the sun kept me going. In His infinite knowledge, God gave me, a nobody, hope, warmth and light. He reminded me that He is still in charge of every day's sunrise, and all those of my life. 

Slow down and be reminded that God is still in control.

Sportsmen's Tip of the Day
Wear moisture wicking clothing next to your skin as your first layer in cold weather. Layer your clothes so that you can add or remove them as the temperature fluctuates. Don't wear all your clothes to your deer stand or duck blind, as you will soon find that the sweat will make you even colder. Add clothes as you feel colder, and you will last much longer in the outdoors.