Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March 20, 2013

Today's Photograph . . . . You Will Be Ready For When The Hard Times Come   (MQ)
Bible Study Verse
I Corinthians 16:13
Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong. (NIV)

To be a proficient shooter there are 7 fundamentals you need to know and use.

The first one is position/stance. You need to have a solid and stable stance to shoot from.

Sometimes situations don't allow for you to get into the same type of stance you use at the range, but you should always try to get into as stable of a stance as possible when shooting. You can become more proficient at getting into a solid stance through training.
(Terry L)

Action Point
Just like with shooting, there are fundamentals we as Christians need to be proficient with. The first is where do you stand with our Heavenly Father? How solid is your faith? 

You need to stand on the solid ground of truth. The truth found in the scriptures.  Your faith should be in Jesus Christ and His promises reflected in His word, the Bible. 

Remember Romans 10:17, "So faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ," (NASB). By doing this you will be ready for when the hard times come, your footing and stance will be on solid ground.

Sportsmen's Tip of the Day
Before hunting season starts take time to practice with your rifle and make sure it is still sighted in.