Sunday, October 27, 2013

October 27, 2013   

Today's Photograph . . . . Your Spring Water Is For You And You Only  (MQ)
Bible Study Verses
Proverbs 5:15-16
Do you know the saying, "Drink from your own rain barrel, draw water from your own spring-fed well?" It's true. Otherwise, you may one day come home and find your barrel empty and your well polluted. (Message)
While my dad and I were exploring the mountains near my house recently, we came across an old abandoned homestead. In the mountains high above the homestead tucked behind an old walnut tree, we discovered a spring. 
The resident of the old homestead had obviously taken a great deal of time and energy to create a series of cisterns that captured the cool running water from the spring. The crystal clear water traveled down the mountain, through the cisterns and, I can only imagine, fed his home, orchards and livestock for many years. Although the homestead had fallen into quite advanced stages of disrepair, the spring-fed watering system appeared to have been built yesterday. 
(Brett M)

Action Point
Recently, I saw a segment on the morning news that identified a new, self-proclaimed, trend aptly named the "work spouse." The premise being that, due to the long hours spent every day at work and less time at home, many people are beginning to become very close to their working partners, team members, etc., who are often of the opposite sex. 
These relationships, although not sexually intimate, are becoming emotionally intimate. The sharing of thoughts, ideas and dreams once reserved for one's spouse are now shared with the "work spouse." 
I chuckled when I heard this and thought about how this "new trend" was around two-thousand years ago. King Solomon warned us, "Your spring water is for you and you only, not to be passed around among strangers,"  Proverbs 5:17 (Message).

Devote yourself to your spouse and your marriage to God. Let God provide your marriage with the fulfillment He meant for it to have. Just like the old homesteader, it takes time and energy to cultivate the springs.  But when completed, the harvest will last longer than the institution.

Sportsmen's Tip of the Day
Water in the wilderness can be dangerous. Remember: standing water is bad for drinking purposes. Running water is better and spring water is best. Ideally, any water should be treated with water purification tablets prior to consuming.