Sunday, April 20, 2014

April 17, 2014   

Today's Photograph . . . . We Should Be Learning God's Word So We Will Be Ready For Him Without The Risk Of Deception  (Mike T)
Please join us in prayer for the Jews in Ukraine threatened to register and pay a   registration fee.
Bible Study Verse
Mark 13:33 
Watch! Be alert! For you don't know when the time is coming. (HCSB)
Anyone who is a seasoned hunter knows to always be alert, watching for your quarry. We learn a skill like this through our mistakes. 
On one particular archery elk hunt, I thought I was doing my best--moving slowly and watching intently for movement or the shape or color of an elk through the trees. But, what I didn't do was to notice the huge bull elk bedded down behind a log just 20 yards in front of me. Of course, he spooked and I never even got an arrow knocked for a shot.

Jesus instructs us to be watching for signs of His return, well-grounded in our relationship with Him, and knowing what His Word says about the end times. I pray that you and I will be alert and ready with anticipation for the day He comes again! Maybe Today! 
(Jimmy S)

Action Point
Just as we put in time to learn our hunting spots and the behavior of the animals that we hunt, we should be learning God's word so we will be ready for Him, without the risk of deception.

Sportsmen's Tip of the Day
Purchase a set of topographical maps of the area you are going to hunt. Learn how to use them and learn the lay of the land. This will help familiarize yourself well with the area and will add to your success and safety during your hunt.