Friday, December 13, 2013

December 5, 2013   

Today's Photograph . . . . Cheyenne, Bravest of the Brave  (Bobby W)
Bible Study Verse
II Samuel 23:11-12
Shammah son of Agee the Hararite was the third of the Three. The Philistines had mustered for battle at Lehi, where there was a field full of lentils. Israel fled before the Philistines, but Shammah took his stand at the center of the field, successfully defended it, and routed the Philistines. Another great victory for God! (Message)

Shammah is just one of the three valiant warriors that defended David. It's good reading. They remind me of an elite Cheyenne war culture called "Dog Soldiers." They were the bravest of the brave. When the village was under attack they would run out between the attacking enemy and the village, their wives, children, and elderly and lash their ankle to a stake in the ground. This signified to the enemy, "I'm not running, you can bring the fight here and I will finish it here. This is where it stops, you have to get past me, and I'm not afraid. I will die fighting and defending my family." 
(Wes W)

Action Point
What threatens your family, your marriage, your personal integrity, or your relationship with the Lord? 
Take your stand. Defend what God has blessed you with. Defeat the threat

Sportsmen's Tip of the Day
I like multi-versatile tools/weapons when going into the wilderness. A throwing tomahawk can be used for splitting the pelvic of elk, moose, deer, or bighorn sheep as well as splitting kindling.

I love the anticipation of preparing for a hunt. I imagine the same anticipation was experienced when preparing for battle. Get the book, the Cd, or the DVD, fastest and easiest crash course, The Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyers. A must resource for brave hearted men and women.